Following the creation order   n° 69/10 MINESEC/SG/DESG/SDSEPEG/SGPESG������������������������ of 4th may 2010  and the opening order n° 80/11 MINESEC/SG/DESG/SDSEPEG/SGEPESG  of 9th august 2011 by the Minister of Secondary Education, Franky Secondary  School will stephens college essay writing for toefl go operational come September 2011.

F.S.S.  like any other academic institution offers a solid educational opportunity for tomorrow’s Cameroonians.

F..S.S. is a window to professionalism. It conforms with the new educational vision of Cameroon; given its quality, quantity and type. It’s well furnished science Laboratory, computer laboratory and library prepares technically inclined students. It gives students the opportunity to exploit these facilities to the full or maximum as they are exposed to a lot of practical work.

F.S.S. is a place to be.


F.S.S. is located at  Biscuiterie – Yaoundé , behind Boulangerie Française, in Mfoundi Division.

Franky   Secondary  School , a  place  to�� be.



We offer General and Commercial education offers a solid educational opportunity for tomorrow’s Cameroonians. What makes F.S.S. different from other establishment is that it offers both General and Commercial education (account , commerce and computer science). The classes have a maximum capacity of 40 students to ensure a good follow up of individual student.

F.S.S. is a window to professionalism. It conforms with the new educational vision of Cameroon.

The classes are well ventilated clean and conducive for learning. The school is fenced with high concrete walls and a metal gate.


It is of great importance to know that F.S.S. has modern laboratories. It has an elaborate science laboratory of 10 by 12 meters. It is well equipped with modern facilities to provide students the opportunity to practice.

The F.S.S. lays a lot of emphasis on information technology. The computer lab has a minimum of twenty-five good computers. It has been designed in a way that it also serves a multi media centre It enables the students to meet up with the necessary information needed. It is open to students and teachers alike.


F.S.S. gives adequate importance to sports and physical education as prescribed by the government. There is a well planned playground to harbor a basketball, volley ball , hand ball , loan tennis and table tennis courts.

We pay adequate attention to sports. There is a well planned playground which harbours a

basketball , volleyball , handball , lawn tennis and table tennis courts.


  • Our school fee is moderate
  • Payment of fees is in 3 installments
  • A reduction for parents with more than three children

Internet services  /  Other modern communication facilities

Regular internet services at the disposal of both students and staff.


A well furnished library


        Interview requirements

  • A class 6 report card for class 6 leavers;
  • A form 1 report card;
  • Photocopy of birth certificate;
  • Writing materials;
  • Interview fees: 1000 CFA F.

Those seeking admission into form two will seat for a placement test. After the test, the school authority will take admission decision depending on the candidate’s performance.

Interview into forms 1 and 2  will take place throughout the month of June 2011.