• The management allows teachers to university of missouri system essay writing form organise and manage holiday classes during  summer holiday. For the past years, not less than two hundred pupils attended, with a fees of 7000frs per pupils. They run for one month, one week between July and August. They are open to pupils all around the country. Special English holiday classes are equally organized for Francophones during this same period.
  • Franky has got a highly qualified staff made up of  well trained teachers . Management gives incentives to hard working and committed teachers within and at the end of each academic year.
  • The school has equally got a well organized social net work where teachers gather from time to time to share and celebrate among themselves. They gather during happy as well as sad events and  in every case management contributes and where uniforms are required, management  makes  them  available. These social events include :
  1. Deaths
  2. revatio cheap.

  3. Weddings
  4. Births
  5. Teacher’s day
  6. 20th May
  7. Labour day
  8. Women’s day
  9. 11th February etc …

II –    TO  PUPILS :

  • At the end of each academic year meritorious pupils are awarded prizes in the following: academics,  cleanliness and conduct.
  • The overall best for each class is given a special fee reduction in the preceding year.
  • Parents with more than three (3) pupils in Franky equally benefit from a given percentage of fee reduction. This implies there are extra advantages the management offers to both teachers and pupils.