• The school is opened at 7 :15am in the morning and closes at 2 :pm on school days.
  • A child is not accepted to leave school before the closing hour without the permission of the head teacher.
  • Children are expected to present themselves in the school uniform.
  • Immediately after classes, children are expected to go back to their parents.
  • Non recommended attires are forbidden in school such as hats, mantles, slings etc.
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  • Children are not allowed to wear chains to school.
  • Children’s exercise books and text books should be covered with their Name’s, subject and school  clearly written on it. The chlidren schould take serrious care of their belongings.
  • All school books misplaced or destroyed by a pupil are to be replaced by the child’s parents or family.
  • All group activities (going on in class, going on out of class, during the assemble) should be orderly done.
  • All those incharge of accompanying or collecting a child / children from the nursery classses are expected to provide an identification card which is established by the school authorities


IT IS FORBIDDEN FOR PUPILS ( except with absolute autorisation )


  • To touch  teaching materials, utensils or an apparatus in school.
  • To come to school with dangerous objects as guns, knives and scissors.
  • To make gestures with compass when not authorised especially during drawing and geometry lessons.
  • To play with rulers, pens, pencils, colours and putting thing in the mouth.
  • To drink from the tap.
  • To remain motionless under hot sun.
  • To pull, push, beat or slap other children.
  • To be involved in violent play that may cause accidents such as fast running, throwing papers on others……



  • A child  who has an injury of any kind be it serious or not  should inform a teacher.
  • A child who comes late to school or has been absents from school is suppose To come with a written note from his / her parents to explain the reason for such an act.
  • A certificate of illness needs to be issued after every treatment.