The school has a Management Board, an Administrative staff a teaching staff and a support staff

1- The Management Board

Final decision regarding recruitment, termination of contract, the welfare of the staff and the public emanate from the Management board made up of 5 members

2-  Administrative staff cialis kopen.

Each section of the school is headed by a head teacher who sees into the daily running of the School; maintaining discipline, hard work and ensures that our objectives are fully achieved. He is closely assisted by Section coordinator, the Discipline Master (head of the disciplinary council ), the head of the examination board and all the stream coordinators.

3- Teaching Staff

Franky Nursery and Primary School has a well qualified staff. It recruits well trained teachers from renowned school around the country. It also gives the personnel the opportunity to do in-service training when necessary.

The staff is composed of:

4- The Support staff                                                                                          

The support staff made up of 8 people is in charge of documentation, fees collection, transportation and security. There are four drivers, a security man, a bursar, a day security guard and two night watch men.